Cyber Liability Insurance Specialists

Why You Need This Coverage

Cyber threats affect every profession – from the healthcare industry with online medical records and the use of smart devices, to law firms that have confidential sensitive information in their files that if hacked into can be misused by criminals. In addition, the rise of spear phishing attacks – sending targeted email that appears to come from a trusted source in order to trick the recipient into opening a malicious attachment or visiting a malicious website where malware is downloaded to their computer – combined with business email compromise to get companies to erroneously wire transfer money, employee negligence, and cyber extortion have all made for a very complex cyber security landscape for any business.

Insurance Coverage to Respond to Today’s & Tomorrow’s Risks

At Axis Insurance Services, LLC, we understand the cyber exposures you face and are committed to keeping our pulse on emerging risks as hackers become increasingly more sophisticated in targeting vulnerabilities that exist in our digital and connected world. We work with top-tier, leading insurance companies to deliver cost-effective tailored Cyber Liability solutions that respond to ever-evolving situations that can potentially compromise a company’s customer, patient and employee data, shut down an operation by infecting its network system, and disparage a firm’s reputation.

A Cyber/Privacy & Network Security Liability policy provides business professionals with coverage to cover first- and third-party costs arising from a data breach or theft of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or information subject to HIPAA regulations.